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What is WOP 1920...? 

Wop 1920 is a stand alone patch dedicated to war between Republic of Poland and Soviet Union between 1919/20. The game was made on RedBaron 3D flight simulator and runs in MULTIPLAYER ONLY! It uses Flanders in Flames Flight Model and needs special server to play. You don't have to install it into any RB3d folder. WOP1920 is stand alone and has its own MMP inside!

The idea of WOP1920 started at the beginning of 2005, when Sander and TopGun visited me. TopGun showed me his custom maps with infantry, etc. We thought that it would be nice to create a game which will use such maps. First, we dropped them to Trier Vs Vignory Patch, made by Sander. Later, we realised that we need to build something bigger and better. And this is how WOP1920 was born. After 2 months of hardwork, we launched it at the beginning of May. We also prepared a tournament dedicated to it. Thanks to our friends from SPA124, we were able to get in more pilots. We had a real fun during 1st edition of campaign.

After it, I thought that it would be nice to create upgraded version of this patch, with better cockpits, gauges, new planes, new campaign maps and better plane skins. We started preparing 2nd edition in the middle of Summer. Our Dev.Team grew since RAF56_Ball joined it. His experience in making cockpit panels was a really big help to us. Now, when WOP1920v.2.0 is done, we are really proud that we could offer something fresh and new to RB3d community:)



WOP1920 features:

-FiF FM with some changes made by 1.Esk Sander and 2.Esk Lucas

-Planes used by both of the sides of the conflict made by SWWISA members: Snipe, LVG C.V, Fokker E.V, Strutter, RE8, Dolphin, Farman F.30, SPAD VII (both sides!), Breguet 14, DFW C.V....

-Plane skins oryginally made by SWWISA members, reworked by 2.Esk Lucas and RAF56_Ball to fit historic profiles

-Custom campaign maps by: 1.Esk TopGun, 2.Esk Fatman, 2.Esk Lucas which include objects like: infantry units, baloons, convoys, armoured trains.

-WFP/HE/Pat Wilson's plane cockpits carefully reworked by RAF56_Ball

-Bombsight by KoA_vDeutschMark

-Rear gunner in bombers (2nd gun was moved 50meters/150 ft behind the tail)

-Hells Angels soundpack, used by agreement of Otto von Stachel.

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